175 free historical ebooks about medicine and health from Project Gutenberg

Historical ebooks about medicine and health

175 free historical ebooks about medicine and health from Project Gutenberg on Nikhilbook
Project Gutenberg

What is Project Gutenberg?

Project Gutenberg is a volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works, to “encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks”. It was founded in 1971 by American writer Michael S. Hart and is the oldest digital library. Most of the items in its collection are the full texts of public domain books.Wikipedia.Here are the list of “Top E-Books” This 175 free ebooks is based on Best E-Books List of E-books about medicine and health. At the end of this post you can find all previous themed lists. These “Best Books” collection is totally free you can read in various format like e.g Read this book online: HTML, EPUB, Kindle.

175 free historical ebooks about medicine & health from Project Gutenberg – these are mostly from the 1800s and early 1900s and often contain highly questionable information that is very interesting reading. 

1 – The Natural Cure of Consumption, Constipation, Bright’s Disease, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, How Sickness Originates, and How to Prevent It. A Health Manual for the People.

2 – Curiosities of Medical Experience by J. G. Millingen

3 – Food Remedies: Facts About Foods And Their Medicinal Uses by Florence Daniel

4 – Hygiene: a manual of personal and public health (New Edition) by Newsholme

5 – Keeping Fit All the Way by Walter Camp

6 – Nervous Ills, Their Cause and Cure by Boris Sidis

7 – Health: How to get it and keep it. by Walter V. Woods

8 – First Book in Physiology and Hygiene by John Harvey Kellogg

9 – Principles of Public Health by Thomas Dyer Tuttle

10 – A Practical Physiology: A Text-Book for Higher Schools by Albert F. Blaisdell

11 – A Handbook of Health by Woods Hutchinson

12 – Health Through Will Power by James J. Wals

13 – Mental diseases: a public health problem by James Vance May

14 – Little Masterpieces of Science: Health and Healing by George Iles

15 – Chapters in the History of the Insane in the British Isles by Daniel Hack Tuke

16 – How to Live: Rules for Healthful Living Based on Modern Science by Fisher and Fisk

17 – Mental Defectives and Sexual Offenders

18 – Adenoids: What They Are, How to Recognize Them, What to Do for Them

19 – Some Medical Aspects of Old Age by Sir Humphry Davy Rolleston

20 – Health: Five Lay Sermons to Working-People by John Brown

21 – On the State of Lunacy and the Legal Provision for the Insane by J. T. Arlidge

22 – Nervous Breakdowns and How to Avoid Them by Charles David Musgrove

23 – Health Lessons, Book 1 by Alvin Davison

24 – Health on the Farm: A Manual of Rural Sanitation and Hygiene by H. F. Harris

25 – The Sanitary Condition of the Poor in Relation to Disease, Poverty, and Crime

26 – The Royal Road to Health; or, the Secret of Health Without Drugs by Tyrrell

27 – Ellis’s Primary Physiology; Or, Good Health for Boys and Girls by Ellis

28 – Health Work in the Public Schools by Leonard Porter Ayres and May Ayres

29 – Buxton and its Medicinal Waters by Robert Ottiwell Gifford-Bennet

30 – How and When to Be Your Own Doctor by Isabel A. Moser and Steve Solomon

31 – The Art of Invigorating and Prolonging Life by William Kitchiner

32 – American Red Cross Text-Book on Home Hygiene and Care of the Sick

33 – Our Nervous Friends — Illustrating the Mastery of Nervousness by Robert S. Carroll

34 – An Account of the Diseases which were most frequent in the British military hospitals in Germany

35 – How to Eat: A Cure for “Nerves” by Thomas C. Hinkle

36 – How to Add Ten Years to your Life and to Double Its Satisfactions by S. S. Curry

37 – Keep-Well Stories for Little Folks by May Farinholt Jones

38 – Surgical Anatomy by Joseph Maclise

39 – Notes on Nursing: What It Is, and What It Is Not by Florence Nightingale

40 – The Great Pestilence (A.D. 1348-9), Now Commonly Known as the Black Death

41 – Humanistic Nursing by Josephine G. Paterson and Loretta T. Zderad

42 – The People’s Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English by Ray Vaughn Pierce

43 – Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine by George M. Gould and Walter L. Pyle

44 – Manual of Surgery Volume First: General Surgery. Sixth Edition. by Alexander Miles et al.

45 – A Book About Doctors by John Cordy Jeaffreson

46 – The Evolution of Modern Medicine by William Osler

47 – Primitive Psycho-Therapy and Quackery by Robert Means Lawrence

48 – Applied Psychology for Nurses by Mary F. Porter

49 – The Mystery and Romance of Alchemy and Pharmacy by C. J. S. Thompson

50 – Old-Time Makers of Medicine The Story of The Students And Teachers of the Sciences Related to Medicine During the Middle Ages

51 – Quacks and Grafters by Anonymous

52 – Medieval Medicine by James J. Walsh

53 – Philosophy of Osteopathy by A. T. Still

54 – A Manual of the Operations of Surgery by Joseph Bell

55 – Essentials of Diseases of the Skin by Henry Weightman Stelwagon

56 – Old English Patent Medicines in America by Griffenhagen and Young

57 – Outlines of Greek and Roman Medicine by Sir James Elliott

58 – The Tale of a Field Hospital by Frederick Treves

59 – Radioisotopes in Medicine by Earl W. Phelan

60 – Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by W. G. Aitchison Robertson

61 – An Epitome of the History of Medicine by Roswell Park

62 – The Australian Army Medical Corps in Egypt by Sir James W. Barrett and P. E. Deane

63 – Forty Years in the Wilderness of Pills and Powders by William A. Alcott

64 – Gilbertus Anglicus: Medicine of the Thirteenth Century by Henry E. Handerson

65 – Fasting Girls: Their Physiology and Pathology by William A. Hammond

66 – An Essay on the Shaking Palsy by James Parkinson

67 – An Account of the Foxglove and some of its Medical Uses by William Withering

68 – Alcohol: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine, How and Why by Martha Meir Allen

69 –A System of Practical Medicine. By American Authors. Vol. 1 by Pepper and Starr

70 – A System of Practical Medicine. By American Authors. Vol. 2 by Pepper and Starr

71 – The London Medical Gazette; December 27, 1828 by Various

72 – Every Man His Own Doctor by R. T. Claridge

73 – Essays In Pastoral Medicine by Austin O’Malley and James J. Walsh

74 – Backwoods Surgery & Medicine by Charles Stuart Moody

75 – The Doctor in History, Literature, Folk-Lore, Etc. by William Andrews

76 – An Account of the Extraordinary Medicinal Fluid, called Aether. by Matthew Turner

77 – Saunders’ Books on Pathology, Physiology Histology, Embryology and Bacteriology

78 – Cluthe’s Advice to the Ruptured by Cluthe Rupture Institute

79 – Appendicitis: The Etiology, Hygenic and Dietetic Treatment by J. H. Tilden

80 – Candy Medication by Bernard Fantus

81 – Preventable Diseases by Woods Hutchinson

82 – Medical Women: Two Essays by Sophia Jex-Blake

83 – The Action of Medicines in the System by Frederick William Headland

84 – Doctor and Patient by S. Weir Mitchell

85 – History of the Comstock Patent Medicine Business and Dr. Morse’s Indian Root

86 – A Short View of the Frauds and Abuses Committed by Apothecaries by Merret

87 – Medical Sketches of the Expedition to Egypt, from India by Sir James McGrigor

88 – Experiments and Observations on the Following Subjects by Thomas Henry

89 – Observations on the Causes, Symptoms, and Nature of Scrofula or King’s Evil, Scurvy, and Cancer With Cases Illustrative of a Peculiar Mode of Treatment

90 – The Cleveland Medical Gazette, Vol. 1, No. 3, January 1886 by Various

91 – Medicine in Virginia, 1607-1699 by Thomas Proctor Hughes

92 – A Succinct Account of the Plague at Marseilles by Chicoyneau, Soulier, and Verny

93 – A Collection of Chirurgical Tracts by William Beckett

94 – Making Good on Private Duty: Practical Hints to Graduate Nurses by Lounsbery

95 – Medical experts: Investigation of Insanity by Juries by W. S. Thorne

96 – Hypochondriasis: A Practical Treatise (1766) by John Hill

97 – Treatment of the diseases of the eye, by means of prussic acid vapour, and other medicinal agents

98 – Rules and Directions for the Employment of Injections in Various Diseases by Lewis

99 – Spiritualism and the New Psychology by Millais Culpin

100 – Epilepsy, Hysteria, and Neurasthenia: Their Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment by Briggs

101 – Child’s Health Primer For Primary Classes by Jane Andrews

102 – The Young Mother: Management of Children in Regard to Health by William A. Alcott

103 – The Starvation Treatment of Diabetes by Rena Sarah Eckman and Lewis Webb Hill

104 – Observations on Madness and Melancholy by John Haslam

105 – Dietetics for Nurses by Fairfax T. Proudfit

106 – Jaundice: Its Pathology and Treatment by George Harley

107 – Observations on the Diseases of Seamen by Sir Gilbert Blane

108 – Plague by Thomas Wright Jackson

109 – Neuralgia and the Diseases that Resemble it by Francis Edmund Anstie

110 – The Mother’s Manual of Children’s Diseases by Charles West

111 – Adenoids and Diseased Tonsils: Their Effect on General Intelligence by Rogers

112 – Intestinal Ills by Alcinous B. Jamison

113 – An account of the manner of inoculating for the small pox in the East Indies

114 – An Essay on Contagious Diseases by Clifton Wintringham

115 – Epidemics Examined and Explained: or, Living Germs Proved by Analogy to be a Source of Disease

116 – Consumption Curable: Observations on the Treatment of Pulmonary Diseases

117 – Letters on the Cholera Morbus. by William Fergusson and J. Gillkrest

118 – Cases of Organic Diseases of the Heart by John Collins Warren

119 – Prof. Koch’s Method to Cure Tuberculosis Popularly Treated by Max Birnbaum

120 – Nurses’ Papers on Tuberculosis

121 – The Swamp Doctor’s Adventures in The South-West by John S. Robb

122 – The Doctor’s Red Lamp by Charles Wells Moulton

123 – Social Work; Essays on the Meeting Ground of Doctor and Social Worker by Cabot

124 – Surgical Instruments in Greek and Roman Times by John Stewart Milne

125 – Bronchoscopy and Esophagoscopy by Chevalier Jackson

126 – Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities—Head—Neck. Sixth Edition. by Miles et al.

127 – Elements of Surgery by Robert Liston

128 – Surgical Experiences in South Africa, 1899-1900 by George Henry Makins

129 – The Annals of the Barber-Surgeons of London by Sidney Young and Austin T. Young

130 – Surgery, with Special Reference to Podiatry by Edward Adams and Maximilian Stern

131 – Artificial Limbs by Auguste Broca and Charles Ducroquet

132 – Pioneer Surgery in Kentucky: A Sketch by David Wendel Yandell

133 – Report on Surgery to the Santa Clara County Medical Society by Joseph Bradford Cox

134 – The Art of the Bone-Setter: A Testimony and a Vindication by Bennett

135 – The Surgery of Ritual Circumcision by Jacob Snowman

136 – The Apothecary in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg by Thomas K. Ford

137 – The Incubator Baby by Ellis Parker Butler

138 – The British Journal of Dermatology, April 1905 by Various

139 – Shell-Shock and Other Neuropsychiatric Problems by Elmer Ernest Southard

140 – Sleep and Its Derangements by William A. Hammond

141 – [Histology of the Blood, Normal and Pathological by Paul Ehrlich and Adolf Lazarus(http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/29842)

142 – Physiology: The Science of the Body by Ernest G. Martin

143 – Applied Physiology, Including the Effects of Alcohol and Narcotics by Frank Overton

144 – The Goat-gland Transplantation by Sydney Blanshard Flower

145 – Makers of Modern Medicine by James J. Walsh

146 – The Illustrated Self-Instructor in Phrenology and Physiology by Fowler and Fowler

147 – Theory of Circulation by Respiration: Synopsis of its Principles and History

148 – Experiments on the Nervous System with Opium and Metalline Substances by Monro

149 – Nature Cure: Philosophy & Practice Based on the Unity of Disease & Cure by Lindlahr

150 – An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae by Edward Jenner

151 – Disease and Its Causes by W. T. Councilman

152 – Arteriosclerosis and Hypertension, with Chapters on Blood Pressure by Warfield

153 – Insects and Diseases by Rennie Wilbur Doane

154 – On the origin of inflammation of the veins by M.D. Henry Lee

155 – Intestinal Irrigation: Why, How and When to Flush the Colon by Alcinous B. Jamison

156 – An Investigation into the Nature of Black Phthisis by Archibald Makellar

157 – A History of Epidemics in Britain, Volume 1 (of 2) by Charles Creighton

158 – A History of Epidemics in Britain, Volume 2 (of 2) by Charles Creighton

159 – The No Breakfast Plan and the Fasting-Cure by Edward Hooker Dewey

160 – Obesity, or Excessive Corpulence: The Various Causes and the Rational Means of Cure

161 – Stammering, Its Cause and Cure by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue

162 – Dolæus upon the cure of the gout by milk-diet by Johann Doläus and William Stephens

163 – The Cure of Rupture by Paraffin Injections by Charles Conrad Miller

164 – An Essay on the Application of the Lunar Caustic in the Cure of Certain Wounds

165 – Anatomy and Embalming by Charles Otto Dhonau and Albert John Nunnamaker

166 – Remarks on the Uses of some of the Bazaar Medicines and Common Medical Plants of India

167 – Hydriatic treatment of Scarlet Fever in its Different Forms by Charles Munde

168 – The Treatment of Hay Fever by rosin-weed, ichthyol and faradic electricity

169 – The Present Method of Inoculating for the Small-Pox by Thomas Dimsdale

170 – Colony Treatment of the Insane and Other Defectives by P. L. Murphy

171 – The Intermediate Sex: A Study of Some Transitional Types of Men and Women

172 – The Mediæval Hospitals of England by Rotha Mary Clay

173 – Hospital Transports A memoir of the Embarkation of the Sick and Wounded from the Peninsula of Virginia in the Summer of 1862

174 – A Treatise on the Incubus, or Night-Mare, Disturbed Sleep, Terrific Dreams and Nocturnal Visions

175 – A Surgeon in Belgium by Henry Sessions Souttar

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