Pikashow APK v77 Free Download (Latest Version) For Android

Pikashow APK v77 Free Download

There are many different types of streaming applications that can be found on the internet nowadays. However, the vast majority of streaming applications require payment and are filled with advertisements.

Pikashow APK is an application that allows users to watch movies, live TV, live sports, TV programmes, web series, and much more for no cost. Other features of the application include: The most recent iteration of Pikashow completely changed the way people of all socioeconomic backgrounds live their lives today.

With this programme and a mobile network or Wi-Fi connection, you may watch movies ranging from action flicks to thrillers, Hollywood films to Bollywood films, and everything in between. You are free to download any stuff at your leisure and there will be no issues involved.

Using this software, you will be able to watch your favourite television episodes and series from more than one service provider. Read on for more fascinating facts about the app, which you may use to learn more.

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What is Pikashow?

Pikashow is an application for live android television that allows you to watch a variety of video material on your Android-based smartphone.

Watching one’s preferred movies and series on television during one’s free time is something that almost everyone enjoys doing.

However, in this day and age, almost everyone has a mobile phone and want to be able to view movies and other forms of enjoyable material on their own electronic devices.

Pikashow APK is one of the top applications that gives a variety of language options, both black and white themes and colour options, and a great deal more without any restrictions. It is completely free of charge, and its customers may benefit from it since the movies and live sports it offers provide a world of fun in which they are not interrupted.

The programme, which comes equipped with fantastic features and recent bug fixes, gives you access to all kinds of engaging content to help you avoid being bored.

This app is compatible with all areas, and it gives you access to the content of a wide variety of over-the-top platforms, like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more.

You may view and download thousands of the most popular and cutting-edge television shows, movies, documentaries, and other types of media with this exceptional android application.

If you have the Pikashow app installed on your smartphone, you can watch an endless number of movies and web series whenever you want and wherever you are.


You’ll be taken aback by its impressive capabilities. Amazing and extraordinary elements that make this app so famous among movie fans may startle you. So, without further ado, let’s get this party started.


Because of its high level of compatibility, this application works extremely well and without any hiccups on every kind of Android smartphone. The software operates in the same manner on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Available at no cost:

The Pikashow app does not need a membership and there are no extra fees or costs associated with using it. This application allows you to enjoy a variety of entertainment on your Android smartphone at no additional cost.

The Best Available Content to Stream:

You will get access to active connections from more than forty over-the-top (OTT) communities, including Sony live, Disney, Voot, Zee5, and a great many more.

Observe Live Television:

It gives you the ability to watch live broadcasts of the Globe Cup, the ICC Cricket Championship, and other premier leagues from around the world. Throughout the course of the week, you will be able to watch these live stations on 7/24.

Multinational Channel:

The programme known as Pikashow compiles a wide selection of channels from all around the globe. All of the app’s live national and international broadcast channels may be seen in high definition thanks to the app’s high-definition service.


The programme gives users access to a wide variety of different channels to choose from. Additionally, it provides live broadcasting for a number of stations.


This software needs a quick Wi-Fi connection in order to stream channels successfully. Streaming is also possible while using cellular data.

Well- categories:

The Pikashow app makes everything, including titles of movies, web series, television programmes, live channels, and documentaries, easily accessible in a way that is both intuitive and organised. It provides a variety of options for you to choose from and makes browsing easier.

Interface that is Friendly to Users:

This cutting-edge programme stands out from its rivals in that it has an intuitive user interface that can be used with ease. With the help of this user-friendly interface, you will have no trouble locating the channels that meet your requirements.

The capacity to download:

Within the built-in download manager, you will have the ability to store or download any of your preferred movies, television series, or other types of material.

Application available in a single location:

Everything is contained inside a single application. Through the use of the internet, you do not need to make any kind of financial commitment in order to see any of the newest and most popular movies or television series that are available on over 40 different ott platforms.


Pikashow is compatible with an extremely wide variety of hardware, ranging from smart TVs to firesticks. Because the material quality is so high and it is so nicely organised, the experience that you get will be just great. Pikashow is a one-stop shop that can fulfil all of your requirements for pleasure and amusement.

How to Download and Install Pikashow APK?

Do you want to be able to view the newest movies and episodes of your favourite shows without spending a dime, as well as have access to live channels? This programme does not pose any danger to your device and will not do any harm to it in any way since it created vital abilities to increase the supporting system of the data on your device.

By reading this page in its entirety, you will be provided with specific instructions that walk you through how to download and install the programme.

It is not the right moment to waste any more of your time; rather, download Pikashow into your mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and experience the incredible potential that it has.


Download the free app from the official Pikasho website by following these steps:
Clicking on the button labelled “Download” will kick off the process of downloading the programme.

Step 2) Permit sources that are unknown:

At this point, you will check to see whether your device supports software from third-party developers. To do this, go to your device’s settings, choose either the security or apps menu, and then activate “unknown sources” by selecting the “ok” option.

Installing the programme is the third step:

Launch the downloads section of your file manager, choose the Pikashow APK file, and then hit the option labelled “Install.”

Step4) Start utilising it:

Whenever the installation has been finished. You have the ability to make an account and choose the category that is most appealing to you. You are able to begin appreciating moments with it as soon as you have created an account and selected a category. However, the speed of your internet connection is critical to the success of your efforts.


You won’t have to pay anything to view any of the trending material or any of the various activities from around the globe when you use the Pikashow APK. After you have successfully downloaded the official app, you will be able to install it an unlimited number of times since the app file will be permanently stored in the system memory of your device.

It gives consumers access to free versions of high-quality material that is sourced from big premium ott sites. Because it has so many impressive features, this fascinating software will provide you with a great deal of pleasure in every respect.

You are able to stream your chosen category in a simple and expedient manner. People that like having a good time, exciting experiences, and entertaining activities will find that this application is the perfect option for them.

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