Spiritual Warfare: Rise to Power by Candace Paul

Spiritual Warfare: Rise to Power

Spiritual Warfare: Rise to Power by Candace Paul on Nikhilbook
Spiritual Warfare: Rise to Power by Candace Paul

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Other Versions Of Spiritual Warfare: Rise to Power 

1) Guerra Espiritual: Version en español (Spanish Edition)

2) Spiritual Warfare: Rise to Power by Candace Paul 

When the demon Jade was sent to Earth, Sarah Michel was one of the first women he encountered, and almost made him lose sight of his mission. Luckily, he was able to convince Dr. Andrew Bailey, a dear friend of hers, to betray her–a decision which eliminated the growing problem Sarah was becoming.
Now, four years later with a fresh start, Jade is completely focused on his agenda and has serious plans that start with the 2020 Presidential Election. Sporting a new identity, and assured the past is far behind him, nothing will get in his way.
There’s only one problem: Sarah was not the only loose end.
Jessica, a young girl Jade encountered years ago, recognizes him. She remembers him as the last person to see her brother, Max, before her family found him dead. In her quest to learn the truth about her brother’s final moments, she will unearth secrets about a spiritual world she never knew existed. But, can she stop Jade? Or will he end her?

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Spiritual Warfare: Rise to Power by Candace Paul on Nikhilbook
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Candace Paul
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God has truly used you to share and spread the word – the secrets of our enemy in this world and how to overcome. We really like your book and can see greater things to come- once you start reading you want to finish it – the Holy Spirit connects you as well on the journey. Spread the message and God will continue to give you Wisdom and direction in everything you do – Amen.” – Editor, My Invisible War blog

“Spiritual Warfare is a great read, a thought provoking book that may question the readers belief in Christianity, salvation and the afterlife. Is God real? Does heaven and hell exist? Is hell right here on earth? From the very beginning, the vivid imagery of hell and the lost souls captured my attention to the point I couldn’t put the book down. The story builds nicely with a few twists you don’t expect. The scriptures at the beginning of each chapter provide relevant insight which along with the text, incites introspection within ourselves to evaluate our personal relationship with God. It depicts every sinful nature of man such as adultery, deceit, greed and betrayal but also illustrates forgiveness, understanding, hope and love. It reinforces the thought that we are all one sin away from eternal damnation and the enemy is busy doing all that he can to keep us distracted. But every moment we have here on earth, is a chance at redemption and salvation. I highly recommend this book for anyone who feels they need to get closer to God, definitely makes you think.” – K.D., Amazon Customer
“Spiritual Warfare, an entertaining cautionary tale of good v. evil, is set in contemporary times. It’s like putting together a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle with a general image in the brain of a very familiar landscape, but without a photographed image from which to work. After the character introductions, the reading becomes fast-paced. This short novel deftly challenges the reader who is appropriately rewarded. The most obvious premise examined is whether or not the easiest path to success is the road of corruption. Is evil’s goal always the corruption of good? What is the role of fate in outcomes of the soul? Similarly, what is the role of faith? Also, some may question whether or not “secret societies” are inherently breeding places for ambitious go-getters.” – Janet L. Paul, Amazon Customer

“Spiritual Warfare is an exceptional book! I really loved reading it because it tells the story of a woman struggling to find her way back to God and how good and evil forces fight for her soul. That is an experience we all may not be aware we are constantly facing in our lives. This book reminded me of how important it is to stay connected to the source of all we need: God. I loved this book from cover to cover and highly recommend it.” – T, Amazon Customer

“Spoiler alert! Best description hell! Not to be read before bed. Paul jams her foot on the accelerator and drives home the theme of her book. I found myself wanting to step in and rescue the beleaguered central character. I was sucked in reminding myself it’s a book, these people aren’t real. Hope there’s more to come from Paul. A sequel?” – Amazon Customer

“Got this for my mom but read it first myself. It was a really enjoyable book. I liked the characters and the overall message of the story. It really makes one think about the world around them.” – Amazon Customer

“This book was great. It is so relevant to today and the deception that is going on in the world. All christians should own a copy. It is a great gift for your non believer friends.” – S. Y., Amazon Customer

“keeps you on the edge, the story almost seems real and keeps you in suspense of what’s coming next, good read.” – slove2golf, Amazon Customer

“I really enjoyed Spiritual Warfare. The forces of good and evil are vividly displayed through Candace Paul’s creative and descriptive imagination. She shows the depths of what evil can be and the scariness of it all. You can’t believe what evil can do and you cheer on the powers of goodness. It may be a good book club selection because there can be a lot of discussion around the choices the characters make, as they are engaged in the battle between good and evil.(Read it first to decide if it is a good choice for your particular book club.) It encourages us to question how our actions or lack of actions affect the forces of good and evil. It also addresses some of the beliefs we may have of heaven and hell. Even though it is fiction, you may even become inspired to look at your own life in a new way. I also like the powerful passages before each chapter. I didn’t want the book to end and that is why it got the five.” – Fran, Amazon Customer

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